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Code of Conduct



We have three channels: #limnoria, #limnoria-bots, and #limnoria-verbose, all of which are hosted on Libera.Chat. #limnoria is the main support channel, #limnoria-bots is for bot testing, and #limnoria-verbose is for verbose announcements about the repository.


The only opped user is Limnoria, the bot. Limnoria's prefixes are @ and ::.


The most common rules should be followed in the channel:


  • No flooding.
    • Limnoria has an AttackProtector plugin loaded and will punish those who do so.
  • No spam.
  • No illegal activities.
  • No copyright-violating links, warez, etc.


  • Respect everyone, and don't engage in prejudice in any way. If you can't act appropriately, #limnoria isn't the right place for you (and neither is Libera.Chat!)
  • Please do not abuse Limnoria; query it or use #limnoria-bots.
  • English is the main language of the channel. If you want to speak French, you might want to use #supybot-fr instead.
  • Prefer using gender neutral pronouns. If you are unsure of what to refer to someone as, ask them first.
  • Off-topic talk is mostly tolerated.

Asking questions

  • Please do not send people private messages without asking.
    • Please keep the support requests on #limnoria. This way if someone else has your issue, they can learn from the solution too.
  • Please do not address your support questions to specific people. There are many people who most probably can answer to you.
  • Please do not ask the same question in multiple Supybot channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair for them or the other people seeking support.
  • Please do not ask to ask. If you have a question, just outright ask it directly.
    • Examples of this includes: "Anybody here?" "May I ask a question?" "I have a question..."
  • Finally, Libera.Chat's network policy applies here too!


  • Bots are not allowed in #limnoria. If you want to test your bot or show something, do it in #limnoria-bots.

Getting help

General help

Please give as much information on your issue as possible.

  • If something isn't working, the first place to check for information is the bot's console, which is the information that appears in the terminal window that you started the bot from.
    • The console will (almost always) provide a traceback. This information tells you not only which file the error occurred in, but what line it occurred on too.
  • Basic questions: What did you try to do? What happened instead?
  • What version of Limnoria do you have?
    • This can be found using the version command (or if your bot doesn't start, supybot --version in the terminal).
  • Which version of Python are you using? version should show it too or if it doesn't, python --version or pythonX --version should tell it to you if you know which major version of Python you are using.
  • If you must paste something that is more than two lines, please use a pastebin.
    • If you are coding something, please send the full code and not only a snippet.
      • You should also mention where the issue happens.
    • When seeking help, please provide us with the FULL traceback in a pastebin. It helps us help you.

Channel emergencies

  • In case there is a troubling user or bot on the channel, you can alert the ops with the @alert command. It can also be called in PM. /msg Limnoria channel alert #limnoria <message about what you need help with.>
    • If you cannot reach any channel op (they all are away somewhere), you can ask at #libera. They have been authorized to take action in case of an emergency (*!*@libera/staff/* has the +o flag).