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Unified JSON/MessagePack API to several quote websites (mainly French and English ones)
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OpenQuoteApi is a Django application providing an open API (Application
Programming Interface) to developpers of quote browsing applications,
for example for Android.

If you do not want to host your own instance, you can use the one hosted
by ProgVal [1] 

This API was written for AndQuote [2] but should be suitable for any
other application.



For the moment, the API is read-only.

For the URL schema, see, it should be clear enough.

The output format is JSON. I don't think it needs any documentation,
as it is easily human-readable. You can also get MessagePack data
instead of JSON by adding ?format=msgpack to the URL.

The /state/url/ URL is given GET parameters, and produces an URL. It is
not really part of the API, but it helps to format a clean URL,
particulary when you are using the API from a language you do not
master (in my case: Java).
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