Collection of plugins for Supybot/Limnoria I wrote or forked.
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AlternativeTo AlternativeTo: Fix support of names with spaces. Sep 19, 2015
AttackProtector AttackProtector: Add support for netjoin. Aug 5, 2017
AutoTrans AutoTrans: Add author whitelist. Sep 10, 2015
Biography Biography: Make deserialization work. Closes GH-120. Dec 20, 2015
Bitoduc Bitoduc: Normalize translation. Dec 16, 2015
Brainfuck I am Mikaela. Jun 8, 2014
ChannelStatus Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
Cleverbot Mass rename README.txt --> . Jun 6, 2014
Coffee I am Mikaela. Jun 8, 2014
Coinpan Coinpan: Fix regexp. Jan 9, 2017
CrousLyon CrousLyon: API update Sep 17, 2017
Debian Debian: Fix error message for removed packages. Dec 18, 2016
ERepublik Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
Eureka Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
Fortune Fortune: Add supybot.plugins.Fortune.removeNewline and improve search… Sep 8, 2014
GUI Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
GitHub Add supybot.plugins.GitHub.format.label. Mar 9, 2018
Glob2Chan Merge pull request #304 from nyuszika7h/glob2chan-typo May 19, 2016
GoodFrench Trivia: More Python 3 fixes. Sep 23, 2016
I18nPlaceholder Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
IgnoreNonVoice IgnoreNonVoice: Fix invalid command handling (#311) Dec 17, 2016
Iwant Various things that I did not commit yet. Apr 7, 2015
Json Json: Use pyjq instead of jsonselect. Jul 30, 2017
Kickme Kickme: error if not called in a channel Dec 24, 2014
LimnoriaChan LimnoriaChan: Fix nightly build message (there are Fedora builds too). Jun 4, 2015
LinkRelay LinkRelay: Don't use relay.sourceIRCChannels before it is assigned. Sep 20, 2017
ListEmpty ListEmpty: Python 3 compatibility Dec 20, 2014
Listener Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
Markovgen Markovgen: detect messages like 'botnick: foo bar' as being addressed… Jan 27, 2018
MegaHAL Mass rename README.txt --> . Jun 6, 2014
MemoryProfiler MemoryProfiler: Garbage-collect objects before profiling modules memo… Dec 2, 2015
MilleBornes Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
NoLatin1 NoLatin1: don't default 'operator' to some random nick (Closes #151) Oct 25, 2014
NoisyKarma Various things that I did not commit yet. Apr 7, 2015
OEIS Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
PPP Add support for locales. Jul 30, 2017
PackageInfo PackageInfo: Fix import. Apr 18, 2017
PingTime Fix for tests (set plugin to enabled) Sep 14, 2014
Pinglist Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
PypySandbox PypySandbox: Fix error handling. Nov 11, 2016
RateLimit Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
Rbls Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
Redmine Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
Scheme Scheme: Add Python 3 support. Nov 11, 2015
Seeks Mass rename README.txt --> . Jun 6, 2014
SilencePlugin SilencePlugin: Fix crash when a message with a percent character is s… Aug 7, 2014
StdoutCapture StdoutCapture: Fix Python 3 support of @pastebin. Jul 28, 2014
Sudo Sudo: Set msg.{nick,user,host} in fakehostmask. Closes GH-284. Aug 15, 2015
SupyML SupyML: Fix rendering of README. (again) Apr 20, 2015
SupySandbox Fix previous commit. May 17, 2014
TWSS TWSS: Fix Python 3 compatibility of (GH-307) Sep 26, 2016
Trigger Trigger: Fix typo. Oct 12, 2014
Trivia Trivia: Fix Python 3 support (iteritems). (GH-306) Sep 24, 2016
Twitter Various things that I did not commit yet. Apr 7, 2015
TwitterStream Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
Untiny Update READMEs. Jun 14, 2014
Variables Variables & WebStats: Fix Pypy3 compatibility. Aug 7, 2014
WebDoc WebDoc: mention Limnoria requirement in README. Jun 6, 2014
WebLogs WebLogs: mention Limnoria requirement in README. Jun 6, 2014
WebStats WebStats/ clean proxy config & add nginx Oct 15, 2014
Website Website: mention that this plugin requires Limnoria in README. Jun 6, 2014
WikiTrans Fix tests. Feb 28, 2016
Wikipedia Fix issue with getting page text for display Mar 2, 2018
WunderWeather WunderWeather: set default forecast days to two Oct 20, 2014
.gitignore .gitignore: add README.txt . Jun 6, 2014
.mailmap Update .mailmap May 23, 2014
.travis.yml travis.yml: Exclude some plugins with broken tests and show pip's out… Feb 28, 2016 Update [ci skip] Nov 22, 2014
requirements.txt Fix tests. Feb 28, 2016

A bunch of plugins for Supybot / Limnoria I either wrote myself or found on the net and improved. Plugins that require HTTPd aren't compatible with Supybot or gribble. If you cannot load these plugins in Limnoria, please make sure you are using a recent version with the version command.

To install dependencies for Limnoria and these plugins, run

pip install -r
pip install -r requirements.txt

Build Status


Provides configurable flood protection for channels.


Sends in a query a translation of messages received in a channel.


Brainfuck (a turing-complete programming language) interpreter.


Web interface for displaying channel-related data (topic, users, …)


Makes coffee for the channel.


Grabs data from Debian's website.


Trivia plugin, with a new take on file design.


Plugin using the GitHub API & repo web hooks. This plugin requires Limnoria


French typo/spelling checker.


This plugin ignores users who aren't voiced. Can also be configured to only work when the channel is moderated mode +m. Useful with lesser moderation (mode +z).




Utility plugin, useful in nested commands.


Highly configurable relay plugin.


List empty channels (or with few people) the bot is on.


Run a telnet server and announce messages to a channel.


Graps data from the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.


Keeps a list of people attending a meeting/game, and provides a pingall command to ping them all.


Provides rate-limiting of commands.


Plugin for the Seeks search engine.


Markup-based Supybot language supporting variables and loops.


Utility plugin that runs commands when a join/part/whatever occurs.


Trivia plugin.


Advanced Twitter plugin, with multiple account support.


URL unshortener plugin.


Display channel logs on the web (experimental!). This plugin requires Limnoria.


Display channel stats on the web. This plugin requires Limnoria.


Translates words/expressions using Wikipedia inter-language links.


Wikipedia plugin.