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IRC (1459/2812/v3.1/v3.2) software conformance testing tool.
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This project aims at testing interoperability of software using the IRC protocol, by running them against test suites and making different software communicate with each other.

It is very young and does not contain a lot of test cases yet.

The big picture

This project contains:

  • IRC protocol test cases
  • small wrappers around existing software to run tests on them

Wrappers run software in temporary directories, so running irctest should have no side effect, with the exception of Sopel.


Install irctest and dependencies:

git clone
cd irctest
pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt
python3 install --user

Add ~/.local/bin/ to your PATH if it is not.

export PATH=$HOME/.local/bin/:$PATH

Run tests

To run (client) tests on Limnoria:

pip3 install --user limnoria
python3 -m irctest irctest.controllers.limnoria

To run (client) tests on Sopel:

pip3 install --user sopel
mkdir ~/.sopel/
python3 -m irctest irctest.controllers.sopel

To run (server) tests on InspIRCd:

cd /tmp/
git clone
cd inspircd
./configure --prefix=$HOME/.local/ --development
make -j 4
make install
python3 -m irctest irctest.controllers.inspircd

To run (server) tests on Mammon:

pip3 install --user git+
python3 -m irctest irctest.controllers.mammon

To run (server) tests on Charybdis::

cd /tmp/
git clone
cd charybdis
./configure --prefix=$HOME/.local/
make -j 4
make install
python3 -m irctest irctest.controllers.charybdis

Full help

usage: python3 -m irctest [-h] [--show-io] [-v] [-s SPECIFICATION] [-l] module

positional arguments:
  module                The module used to run the tested program.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --show-io             Show input/outputs with the tested program.
  -v, --verbose         Verbosity. Give this option multiple times to make it
                        even more verbose.
                        The set of specifications to test the program with.
                        Valid values: RFC1459, RFC2812, IRCv3.1, IRCv3.2. Use
                        this option multiple times to test with multiple
                        specifications. If it is not given, defaults to all.
  -l, --loose           Disables strict checks of conformity to the
                        specification. Strict means the specification is
                        unclear, and the most restrictive interpretation is

What irctest is not

A formal proof that a given software follows any of the IRC specification, or anything near that.

At best, irctest can help you find issues in your software, but it may still have false positives (because it does not implement itself a full-featured client/server, so it supports only “usual” behavior). Bug reports for false positives are welcome.

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