Proger's Laravel eXtension. A set of classes fixing and extending various aspects of this PHP framework.
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A bundle with a set of classes fixing and extending various aspects of the Laravel PHP framework (v3).

Among the most notable things are DoubleEdge, Eloquent and HLEx classes.

DoubleEdge is a cookie-cutting controller with implied support for AJAX and web requests; have your action methods return arrays, Eloquent models, Queries, Views, Redirects and let DoubleEdge convert these to representation appropriate for current client - such as JSON for AJAX, string rendered from a View - and not just any view, it might include site template wrapper or not. And so on.

Eloquent and Query extend standard Eloquent capabilities by providing automatic filtering, sorting, pagination and complex subquery building.

HLEx is an addendum to Laravel's HTML class with some useful functions.

Plarx also contains routines to replace default application/start.php code - for this add 'startApp' => true to its entry in application/bundles.php and feel free to clear start.php from the old code.

Source code is extensively documented with examples so please refer to it for more information. Feel free to drop by's forums.

Contact me at or see my homepage at