Imperavi wysiwyg editor for Rails 3.1+
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Imperavi for Rails 3.1+ (still under development)

What is Imperavi? Imperavi is open-source, lightweight and really pretty-looking wysiwyg editor written with JQuery. Look at the demo page: (sorry for Russian). Like it?

I created this mountable engine with Imperavi so now you can easily integrate this editor into your app.


Put this line into your Gemfile:

gem 'imperavi-rails', '0.0.9.beta'

Then mount the engine in routes.rb:

mount ImperaviRails::Engine => "/imperavi"

add this line to config/environments/production.rb

config.assets.precompile += ['imperavi-rails/imperavi/redactor.css', 'imperavi-rails/imperavi.js']

And you're done!


Add this helpers into the your view that contains a form:

<%= include_imperavi_stylesheet %>
<%= include_imperavi_javascript %>
<%= imperavi :page_article %>

In this example page_article is an id of textarea field. You can pass additional options to imperavi helper as second argument. See the full list of options here:

You may want the text on your page to be styled the same way as it looks in the editor. To do this, add the following styles into your application.css.scss (provided that the text on the page is enclosed with article tag):

@import "imperavi-rails/imperavi/imperavi-base";

body {
  width: 700px;
  margin: 0 auto;

  article {
    overflow: hidden;
    @include imperavi-base;

    p, div {
      border: 0;

    p {
      padding: 0;
      margin: 0 0 1.5em 0;

  form {
    textarea {
      width: 700px;
      height: 600px;

Deal with images

Uploading images is not part of the imperavi-rails. You have to implement this functionality in your application yourself. It's easy. Read the docs below.

Also you can see Dummy app that has working images uploading:


I would appreciate any participation in the project. Any additions, fixes and ideas are welcome!

How to contribute:

  • Fork the project on Github
  • Create a topic branch for your changes
  • Ensure that the changes in your branch are as atomic as possible
  • Create a pull request on Github