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Album Showcase

Note: This software is currently in beta stage! It may eat the Internet.

What is it?

Album Showcase is a simple showcase and download page which can be used to provide an overview of your music albums and allow your guests to download the albums.


  • A webserver running at least PHP 5.3
  • A MySQL database (other SQL databases which are supported by PHP/PDO should work as well but are not tested)
  • Bower (Used for CSS and JavaScript dependency management)
  • Composer (Used for PHP dependency management)
  • Optional: Internationalization (intl) PECL extension to get the correct language for the client


  • Copy config/config.sample.php to config/config.php and open the copy
  • Configure the variables to match your requirements
  • Import the database schema from database.sql
  • Configure your webserver to point to the httpdocs directory
  • Create an alias service pointing to service/index.php (e.g. Alias /service /var/www/albumshowcase/service/index.php)
  • Make sure the user running the webserver (e.g. www-data) has write permission to the albums folder (otherwise you can't upload files!)
  • Create a new user using the create-user.php script located in the tools directory (execute it from the command line).