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A Minecraft Bukkit plugin which lets mobs talk to the player.

actions status download from GitHub download from Modrinth download from CurseForge


TalkingMobs knows the following permissions:

  • talkingmobs - Required to access the /talkingmobs command (Default: everyone)
  • talkingmobs.receive - Allow to receive messages from mobs (Default: everyone)
  • talkingmobs.reload - Allow to reload the configuration (Default: op)
  • talkingmobs.* - Allow access to all features (Default: op)


The /talkingmobs command is the one and only command provided by this plugin.

Usage: /talkingmobs [subcommand] [arguments]

The following sub commands are currently available:

  • help - Show the help of the plugin
  • reload - Reload the configuration
  • toggle - Toggle messages sent by mobs
  • version - Show the version of the plugin

Event types

The following event types are currently available and can be used for the type in the /talkingmobs toggle <type> command and in the configuration files.

  • attacked - Mob has been attacked by a player
  • idle - Mob is idle, for example the mob is just standing/walking/running around (Currently unused)
  • interacted - Player interacted with the mob (Right click on mob)
  • killed_player - Mob has been killed by a player
  • killed_other - Mob has been killed by something else (not a player)
  • looking - Mob is looking at the player (and player is looking at the mob)
  • spawn - Mob has been spawned (Mob spawner, egg or another plugin by default, but can be configured in config.yml)
  • tamed - Mob has been tamed

Additional to those event types, the killed event type can be used in the messages configuration to define a message for both types (player and other).


The main configuration can be changed by editing the config.yml file.

All messages can be customized in the messages.yml file.


You can build the project in the following 2 steps:

  • Check out the repository
  • Build the jar file using maven: mvn clean package

Note: JDK 1.7 and Maven is required to build the project!

My other plugins

You can find them on my website.