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Data converter for importingo into great Fuelio app.
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Data converter for importingo into great Fuelio app. Currently very limited (but working) GUI is available for PHP 5 built-int webserver.

FuelioImport is developed from the need to move personal fillups history from Motostat and aCar, but it is designed to offer ease of extension for new formats.

You can check this tool at

Supported formats

Supported formats are:

  • Motostat (.csv)
  • aCar full backup (.abp) (with geolocation!)
  • Fuel Log (.csv)
  • Drivvo (.csv) - thanks @adek!


Current versions of Fuelio app keep cost categories car-independent. If you have entered non-standard categories, Fuelio will assign imported costs to them, leaving cost categories defined in our export. Because of this, there is no guarantee that your categories will be kept and we suggest to convert only data for completely new installation of the app.

Fuelio's file format supports only one car definition in file, so if you convert backup containing more cars (like aCar's), you would need to specify, which vehicle you want converted.

aCar format support only Litres as Fuel Unit and l/100km as Consumption Unit. It is possible to import aCar backups with US Gallons, but it hasn't tested and results may be unexpected.

Due to limited documentation and access to Fuel Log dumps, only Litres as Fuel Unit, l/100km as Consumption Unit and Kilometers as Dinstance unit were tested. After importing into Fuelio, remember to verify or set your cars fuel type! FuelLog does not support that information at all.

Drivvo backups are locale-dependant, so in order to support all of them, we need to be given more examples. Currently spanish, english and polish backups should be working fine. Others might missinterpret "refuelling to full" flag.


FuelioImport converter is built for current PHP version (PHP7), but any stable PHP version should do the job.

  • For aCar backup we need SimpleXMLElement and Zip support
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