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Converters aCar

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  • Importing fuel log with geolocations and station addresses
  • Full/partial fillup
  • Missed fillups
  • Fuel brand / station address imported as notes
  • Importing services and costs
  • Fuel type


  • Only liters as fuel unit are supported as for now
  • Only l/100km as consumption unit is supported for now
  • Cars are numbered by file order, not their id attribute
  • Only full backups in ABP format are supported
  • Currently there is no guarantee that imported cost categories will be not replaced by Fuelio. Especially if you already had added your own categories.

How do I switch fuel unit to liters?

aCar can switch between used units at any time and make conversion of stored data. Go to app settings and change fuel unit, confirm re-calculations and make a standard backup :)

How do I obtain backup from aCar free version?

aCar in free version makes monthly backups to your phone memory. These are located at:

Phone memory / Zonewalker-acar /aCar-auto-XXXXXX-XXXX.abp

It is also possible to trick application to make such backup without waiting full month. You may change date and time on your phone!

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