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@ProgrammerDan ProgrammerDan released this Feb 16, 2018 · 12 commits to miner-stats since this release

This is being distributed as both a node fork -- you can install and provision an entire node, using this fork, and I will make best effort to keep it updated with the main arionum/node project.

Or, you can simply download the tarball and untar it into the folder of your node. Nothing gets overwritten, this has been coded as a "zero touch" expansion for existing node owners.

Configure your node as per typical installation instructions on the arionum forum.

Edit include/ and define a SECRET TOKEN.

Point your browser to your node host /dashboard.php to see all connecting nodes.

Update all your workers to Release 0.2.4 of ProgrammerDan's Java Miner.

Add these lines to the end of the config.cfg file for each worker:

http://node-host-address report.php false SECRETTOKEN

where you replace unique-worker-name with a name that uniquely identifies your worker. Maybe use hostname? and where you replace node-host-address with your node's address, and SECRETTOKEN with the SECRET TOKEN you configured earlier.

Now, all your workers will report themselves to your node, indicating hashrate, and all discoveries.

This will place additional load on your node's mysql database, so provision your nodes appropriately.

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