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require 'factory_girl_rails'
FactoryGirl.define do
factory :blog_post, :class => Refinery::Blog::Post do
sequence(:title) { |n| "Top #{n} Shopping Centers in Chicago" }
body "These are the top ten shopping centers in Chicago. You're going to read a long blog post about them. Come to peace with it."
draft false
tag_list "chicago, shopping, fun times"
factory :blog_post_draft do
draft true
factory :blog_category, :class => Refinery::Blog::Category do
sequence(:title) { |n| "Shopping #{n}" }
# source_dates = (-50..400).to_a
# (1..500).each do |i|
# FactoryGirl.build_list(:blog_category, 10)
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source_dates = (-5..5).to_a
(1..5).each do |i|
p_date = source_dates.sample.days.ago
:published_at => p_date,
:body => s
p 'done'