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Progressor - Meteor

This is the runnable component of the project Progressor - The Programming Professor. It contains both the web application and a compiled Executor JAR.

Deployment & Installation

These instructions are written for Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS.

Prepare the Server

  1. Install Docker by executing curl -sSL | sh on the server.

On Your Development Machine

  1. Install Meteor
  2. Install meteor-up (mup) globally: npm install --global mup
  3. Clone this repository or navigate to the folder where you cloned it.
  4. Deploy the Meteor web application to the server. (Instructions adapted from meteor-up documentation.)
    1. Configure your server(s) including usernames and passwords in .deploy/mup.js as instructed.
    2. Configure the application using private/config.json and private/secret.json as instructed.
    3. Go to .deploy and set up the server by executing mup setup
    4. After the setup finished, deploy the web application and the MongoDB database by executing mup deploy
    • Additional Information
      • The user you want to use to deploy Progressor to the server needs to be in the docker and sudo groups and have NOPASSWD enabled.
      • If you want to re-deploy the application without the database, you can remove the servers from module.exports.mongo.servers in .deploy/mup.js.
      • More information about mup can be found in the official meteor-up documentation.
      • More information about the configuration of Progressor can be found in the advanced configuration options


You need to run the Executor to be able to solve exercises.

  • You can either clone the repository and build the project yourself
  • or simply use the JAR file included in the directory bin.
    • In this case, run the Executor with a working directory outside the Meteor projects, otherwise Meteor will recognize the files temporarily created and continuously restart the server.


This repository contains a reactive Meteor web application.

Meteor is an app platform. Web application run on a Node.js web server and use a MongoDB document-oriented database.

Note: Meteor applications require activated JavaScript on the client side (in the web browser) or nothing is displayed.


This project Progressor - The Programming Professor was started by three BSc students at the Bern University of Applied Sciences' (BUAS / @bfh) Computer Perception & Virtual Reality Lab (@cpvrLab).

It has since been provided as open-source in order to encourage other educational institutions, enterprises and individuals to get involved and set up their own installation.


home page

Progressor offers two basic features.

  • You can create and solve exercises on your own and improve your programming skills.
  • Or you can create examinations for your students to take and evaluate their achievements.
Example Examination Student Examination Dashboard
example exercise examination dashboard


The system is composed of two components.

  1. The Meteor web application that runs on a Node.js web server and uses a MongoDB database.
  2. The Executor, which is a seperate Java application that communicates with the web application using Apache Thrift and executed the code fragments entered by the users.

system architecture