SS12: Project Possibility rAdio Future Improvements

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#SS12: Project Possibility - Future Improvements ##Future Improvements

Utilize the Web Service API

Currently we are only utilizing the Web Playback API. With the Web Service API we will be able to have user authentication and real control of playlists.

"Real" Playlist

rAdio will feature a playlist section where the user's pre-made playlists from RDIO will appear. rAdio will utilize the same accessibility features on the playlist as it does on the rest of the application (shortcuts, HTML5/Aria compliance, etc.).

Social Networking

rAdio will have a Social Networking feature which will allow the user create their own profile which will have their basic information (name, profile picture, etc.) and their playlists.

Song Information Shortcut

rAdio will have a shortcut which pauses the current song, tells the title, artist, and album of the song to the user, and then resumes the song.

Repeat and Shuffle

rAdio will have a repeat option which will repeat the current song until repeat is unchecked. rAdio will also have a s shuffle option which que songs to play at random.

Cleaner Design

The current rAdio design, is good, but not great. It will still have the light wood background (which emulates having a radio on your desk), but the color scheme of the playerwill be more pleasing.

Future Design