SS12: Project Possibility rAdio Goals

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The Goals of the rAdio Project

These are the goals that we wanted to accomplish for the accessible rdio music player application project.

All major features must be accessible to visually impaired users

The development of the accessible rdio player requires that all major features will be easily usable. It allows the user to access the previous song, play/pause the current song, skip the song, increase the volume, decrease the volume, fast forward the current song and rewind the current song without difficulty.

Implementation of ARIA within the HTML5 realm

Using this web-based application required the use of HTML5 along with CSS styling along with the innovation of the ARIA accessibility tags. ARIA allowed our web page to be declared as an application rather than static documents, by adding roles to the dynamic web application. By adding an ARIA role, the screen reader will tell the user that web page is an application.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys that are accessible

Not everyone utilizes a mouse. Shortcuts were created to allow for ease of access so that the screen reader can tell the user what the shortcut keys are and how to use them was one important functionality. We wanted to have the player's important functionality embedded into shortcut keys so the main features like previous song, play/pause song, skip song, increase volume and decrease volume would be easy to do with these shortcuts.

Implementation of the player on different platforms and browsers

We also used a HTML5 Modernizr, which is a small JavaScript library that detects the availability of native implementations for newer browsers. Modernizr tells the current browser if the feature is natively implemented or not. For the CSS files, we implemented a CSS reset in the CSS file for the browser. There is also graceful degradation for older browsers so there is at least some accessibility for older browsers.

The use of Aria

w3 WAI-ARIA This link provided the uses of Aria and how to use roles properly with the screen reader.