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DGM Change Logs

version: 1.6.0

July 2018

We are glad to present our next big release of DGM, v.1.6.0, which summarizes the v.1.5.x line with further improvements and bug fixes. This is the first cross-platform release: since now on the DGM library is available also for MacOS.

version: 1.5.3

December 2017

In this update three new unary classifiers appear and the Google Test framework is incorporated into the DGM library. In order to use it with Visual Studio please use this Google Test Adapter.

DGM Module

version: 1.5.2

June 2017

The library now has DGMConfig.cmake files to be easily integrated in other projects with CMake

DGM Module

FEX Module

  • Support of the 16-bit data for Sparse Coding features

version: 1.5.1

December 2016

DGM module

FEX module

VIS module

version: 1.5.0

September 2016

In this version the physical project structure of the library was deeply revised: now CMake is needed to build the project. Moreover, new visualization module VIS is added.

VIS module

VIS module provides with a variety of tools for visualizing and analyzing used data as well as intermediate and final results. For user interaction capacity, there are functions, which allow for handling the mouse clicks over the figures. Please see our tutorial Demo Visualization for more details.

DGM module

  • new CGraphWeiss class
  • class CRandom was deeply reworked

version: 1.4.2

August 2016

DGM module

  • new CInfer::getConfidence()
  • new CInferTRW (DGM inference implementation instead of Microsoft Research decoding implementation)
  • new CGraphLayered::marginalize()
  • Support of high-dimensional feature spaces (> 256)
  • Significant memory usage reduction for CTrainNodeCvGMM and CTrainNodeCvRF classes
  • Bug fixing in the Microsoft Sherwood library and enabling the parallel implementation for CTrainNodeMsRF class

FEX module

  • new Hue-Saturation-Value feature
  • new [Sparse Coding](Fast Sparse Coding Features) feature


  • documentation style update
  • license change