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ARTist is a flexible Android instrumentation framework for security researchers and developers based on the Android Runtime’s dex2oat on-device compiler

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  1. ARTist's core implementation meant to be included in the art project. Provides ARTist APIs and boilerplate code for modules.

    C++ 98 25

  2. Fork of android's official platform/art repo, with ARTist's branches and the ARTist submodule.

    C++ 13 8

  3. ARTist's deployment application, for code-injection on an Android device.

    Java 33 10

  4. Meta repository for matters related to more than one repository or even the whole project as such.


  5. The template Java library used in combination with ARTist to do application-instrumentation on Android devices.

    Java 4 2

  6. A template module for ARTist that can and should be used as a blue print for new modules.

    C++ 2


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