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@daniel-j-h daniel-j-h released this Aug 7, 2017 · 894 commits to master since this release

The v5.10 release comes with a major feature: via-way turn restrictions. These turn restrictions occur in OpenStreetMap in the form of a restriction relation: (fromWayId, viaWayId, toWayId) and prevent multiple specific turns depending on the way the driver is coming from and going to.

Below are some more notable changes. Please note that in the future we plan to speed up the release process to push out stable and tested releases more often.

Give it a try!

osrm-extract berlin.osm.pbf
osrm-partition berlin.osrm
osrm-customize berlin.osrm
osrm-routed --algorithm=MLD berlin.osrm


  • #2681 - We now handle (from, via, to) way restrictions where from, via and to are ways in addition to (from,via,to) node restrictions we always handled. These turn restrictions prevent turns from a way via a specific way onto a way:
  • #4333 - We now handle Throughabouts:
  • Emil Tin did large-scale profile refactoring work: a new version 2 profile API was added which cleans up a number of things and makes it easier to for profiles to include each other. Profiles using the old version 0 and 1 APIs are still supported.

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