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Project OSRM: C++ backend
C++ Ruby Lua
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Include/osrm Revert "remove remnants of hinting mechanism"
Library renamed: Plugins/* -> plugins/*
Server renamed: Util/OSRMException.h -> Util/osrm_exception.hpp
UnitTests fix tests, temporarily disable one test case
Util remove empty d'tor from osrm::exception
algorithms renamed: Util/OSRMException.h -> Util/osrm_exception.hpp
benchmarks rename a number of overly long variable names
cmake renamed: Util/GraphLoader.h -> Util/graph_loader.hpp
config new cucumber profile for Jenkins that doesn't fail because of an old …
contractor fix overly long line
data_structures renamed: Util/OSRMException.h -> Util/osrm_exception.hpp
descriptors renamed: Util/ -> Util/
extractor renamed: Util/OSRMException.h -> Util/osrm_exception.hpp
features Merge branch 'develop'
plugins re-enable hintin mechanism
profiles Merge branch 'develop'
routing_algorithms retire json hinting mechanism
test use boost program_options in osrm-prepare/routed
third_party add workaround for Windows build issues.
tools fix initialization of simple client
.clang-format don't binpack parameters on 100 column width
.gitignore update ignore list in git
.gitmodules Removing Docs submodule
.travis.yml manually install osmpbf, the one on Travis is outdated
CMakeLists.txt link library against exception lib
Gemfile add test for process error codes
Gemfile.lock update ruby gems used for cucumber testing
LICENCE.TXT License change to (simplified) 2-clause BSD. Good riddance, AGPL fix typo: Lunux->Linux
Rakefile add raketask for clearing test cache files
appveyor.yml update appveyor.yml (newer libraries, algorithm-tests)
datastore.cpp renamed: Util/OSRMException.h -> Util/osrm_exception.hpp
extract.cpp renamed: extractor.cpp -> extract.cpp
prepare.cpp renamed: Contractor/* -> contractor/*
profile.lua readding profile.lua
routed.cpp renamed: Util/ -> Util/
taginfo.json Add object_types to some tags.
typedefs.h fix build on windows by linking against the right libs


For instructions on how to compile and run OSRM, please consult the Wiki at

or use our free and daily updated online service at

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When using the code in a (scientific) publication, please cite

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