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BoostFileSystemFix.h renamed: Util/OSRMException.h -> Util/osrm_exception.hpp
DataStoreOptions.h renamed: Util/OSRMException.h -> Util/osrm_exception.hpp
FingerPrint.h Rename NodeInfo -> QueryNode
IniFileUtil.h Revert "remove implicitly defined inline keywords from header-impleme…
MercatorUtil.h use double precision fp math for mercartor projection and point-line …
ProgramOptions.h renamed: Util/OSRMException.h -> Util/osrm_exception.hpp
TrigonometryTables.h Revert "Revert "Bring general sketch commits upstream""
bearing.cpp renamed: Util/Azimuth.h -> Util/bearing.hpp
bearing.hpp renamed: Util/Azimuth.h -> Util/bearing.hpp
cast.hpp remove unneeded lvalue parameter
compute_angle.cpp refactor angle computation into class/compile unit
compute_angle.hpp refactor angle computation into class/compile unit
container.hpp Revert "remove implicitly defined inline keywords from header-impleme… renamed: Util/OSRMException.h -> Util/osrm_exception.hpp
floating_point.hpp rewrite NumericUtils into floating_point.hpp renamed: Util/ -> Util/
git_sha.hpp add new header file
graph_loader.hpp renamed: Util/OSRMException.h -> Util/osrm_exception.hpp
integer_range.hpp reformat code
iterator_range.hpp fix inconsistencies with integer and iterator range header files, clo…
json_renderer.hpp renamed: DataStructures/* -> data_structures/*
lua_util.hpp renamed: DataStructures/RestrictionMap.cpp -> DataStructures/restrict…
make_unique.hpp unique_ptr<T> should be unique_ptr<T[]> when used with array
osrm_exception.cpp renamed: Util/OSRMException.h -> Util/osrm_exception.hpp
osrm_exception.hpp remove empty d'tor from osrm::exception
range_algorithms.hpp remove implicitly defined inline keywords from header-implemented fun…
simple_logger.cpp renamed: Util/OSRMException.h -> Util/osrm_exception.hpp
simple_logger.hpp reorder members to avoid padding class 'SimpleLogger' with 4 bytes to…
std_hash.hpp renamed Util/StdHashExtensions.h -> Util/std_hash.hpp
string_util.hpp remove unneeded method
timing_util.hpp renamed Util/TimingUtil.h -> Util/timing_util.hpp
xml_renderer.hpp renamed: DataStructures/* -> data_structures/*
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