Viewing test execution results

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:information_source: Perfecto recommends running your test from Maven.

Run your test from testng.xml context (right-click) menu.

Viewing the execution report

When the test is executed from Maven (from command line), a target/Surefire report folder is created for the test's Maven project, containing runtime Surefire formatted reports.

QAF generates timestamped json execution reports stored under test-results/. Each report contains a selenium log of the performed commands along with their performance status, and a list of test checkpoints with their pass/fail results.

However, if your company has a Perfecto CQ Lab, you can use its Perfecto Reporting execution center for test execution analysis. To access Perfecto Reporting:

  1.  Enter your Perfecto CQ Lab at https://<your CQ Lab>
  2.  Select the Reporting tab, and click the link to Perfecto Reporting (on the right).
  3.  Login using your CQ Lab credentials.<br>

All the last execution tests are listed in the Reporting execution center. The feature name you set in the sample before, appears as the test name on the left. 4. To drill down into any of the specific test executions, click the test to view its Single Test Report for more execution details.

Read here for more information on Perfecto Reporting.

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