Scripts used to run experiments using AGIEF.
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Running AGIEF (end to end)

This README describes the use of /scripts/run-framework/ It is a python script that is used to run and interact with the framework covering aspects such as generating input files, launching infrastrcture on AWS, running those experiments (locally or on AWS) and exporting the output.

Setup and installation are required:

AGIEF is in a separate repository named 'agi'. The components of AGIEF have their own run scripts, with their own READMEs. They can be found under /bin in the relevant subfolder, in the agi code repo.

The necessary experiment files are in another repo named 'experiment definitions'.

The system is shown graphically here.

Note: All scripts (here and in 'agi') utilise environmental variables defined in a 'variables' file. Every script begins by sourcing this file. /resources/ is an example with explanations of each variable. You can modify that file, or create your own instead. IMPORTANT: Then set the ENV variable VARIABLES_FILE to it using the full path.

Note also that:

  • Be careful to set these correctly. Read the meaning in the comments, of each variable. You use these to set things like the location of your dataset.
  • Also very important is that you may need multiple variables files. There is one for each location that the system is running in. For example, for the experiments that run on Jenkins, there is a variables file on Jenkins, for the EC2 machine, as well as for the Docker container.

Setup Environment

  • get the latest latest
  • setup your python environment (instructions in the next section)
  • ensure values in your file are correct
  • build the framework (agi/bin/node_coordinator/

Installation Instructions

  • Install Python and Pip
  • Install dependencies pip install -r REQUIREMENTS.txt
  • Install and configure AWS-CLI (used by python script) guide

Run the framework - generate experiment input files --step_gen_input NAME_OF_MAIN_CLASS

This will place the input files in your experiment definitions folder, referred to by $AGI_RUN_HOME

Run the framework - experiments

Use All of the steps can be run separately, or all together, specified with command line switches. Running python --help will give you more detail and the optional flags.

run-framework expects an experiments file. This is a json file that defines what is to be run. An example is shown in /resources/experiments-format.json and an example is given at /experiment-template/experiments.json.

The experiments can be run locally or on AWS.

The experiments are run from the run folder $AGI_RUN_HOME/[Experiment Name], the same folder as the input files. The folder structure and required files are seen in the folder $AGI_HOME/resources/run-example. In particular, has essential properties for the java process, and /input has the data for a run, and experiment.json defines the parameter sweeps and links to these input files.

The steps are:

  • [aws] run the ec2 instances (ecs and if necessary postgres)
  • launch Compute
  • import input files from run-folder
  • [aws] sync code folder (compiled), run-folder to ecs (run-folder has, log4j xml etc.), and dataset
  • run experiment
  • optionally export artefacts
  • change parameters and repeat run experiment
  • shutdown framework
  • [aws] shutdown ec2 instances


generate input files

python --exps_file experiments.json --step_gen_input io.agi.framework.demo.mnist.DeepMNISTDemo
python --exps_file experiments-phase1.json --step_gen_input io.agi.framework.demo.papers.KSparseDemo
python --exps_file experiments-phase1.json --step_gen_input io.agi.framework.demo.papers.ClassifyFeaturesDemo

aws ecs and aws postgres (don't export or upload results), shutdown instances afterwards

python --logging --step_aws --exps_file experiments.json --step_sync --step_agief --step_shutdown --instanceid i-06d6a791 --port 8491 --pg_instance i-b1d1bd33 --task_name mnist-spatial-task:8 --ec2_keypath /$HOME/.ssh/ecs-key.pem

aws run in a docker container on a new ec2 instance specified by AMI ID, node mode, export and upload results, shutdown instances afterwards

python --logging --step_aws --exps_file experiments.json --step_sync --step_compute --step_shutdown --step_export --step_upload --amiid ami-17211d74 --ami_ram 12 --port 8491 --ec2_keypath ~/.ssh/nextpair.pem

local agief and local postgres (don't export or upload results)

python --logging --exps_file experiments.json --step_compute --host localhost --port 8491 --pg_instance localhost

local agief (running in node mode), no db, no export or upload

python --exps_file experiments-phase1.json --step_compute

local agief (running in node mode i.e. no postgres required), export the output files, upload them to S3

python --exps_file experiments.json --step_compute --step_export --step_upload --host localhost --port 8491

just run framework locally, don't import/export or run experiment

python --step_compute --launch_per_session

run full experiment on a remote (already running) machine (in this case, incbox)

python --step_remote simple --exps_file experiments-phase1.json --step_sync --step_compute --step_export_compute --step_upload --user incubator --host --port 8491 --ssh_keypath ~/.ssh/inc-box --remote_variables_file /home/incubator/agief-project/variables/

run experiment without upload on a remote (already running) machine (in this case, incbox)

# incbox remote-network
python --step_remote simple --exps_file experiments-phase1.json --step_sync --step_compute --step_export_compute --user incubator --host --port 8491 --ssh_keypath ~/.ssh/inc-box --remote_variables_file /home/incubator/agief-project/variables/

# incbox local-network
python --step_remote simple --exps_file experiments-phase1.json --step_sync --step_compute --step_export_compute --user incubator --host --port 8491 --ssh_keypath ~/.ssh/inc-box --remote_variables_file /home/incubator/agief-project/variables/

python --step_remote simple --exps_file experiments-phase1.json --step_sync --step_compute --step_export_compute --user incubator --host --port 8491 --ssh_keypath ~/.ssh/minsky --remote_variables_file /home/incubator/agief-project/variables/

# minsky
python --step_remote simple --exps_file experiments-phase1.json --step_sync --step_compute --step_export_compute --user incubator --host --ssh_port 9412 --port 8491 --ssh_keypath ~/.ssh/inc-box --remote_variables_file /home/incubator/agief-project/variables/