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AdA Project Public Repository

This repository holds public data provided by the AdA project (Affektrhetoriken des Audiovisuellen - BMBF eHumanities Research Group Audio-Visual Rhetorics of Affect). The data is made accessible under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

Further explanations of the data can be found on our AdA project website.

We currently offer here:

AdA Filmontology

  • The latest public release of the AdA Filmontology.
  • A vocabulary of film-analytical terms and concepts for fine-grained semantic video annotation.
  • The vocabulary is also available online in our Triple Store.

Advene Annotation Template

  • The latest public release of the template for the Advene annotation software.
  • The template provides the developed semantic vocabulary in the Advene software with ready-to-use annotation tracks and predefined values.
  • In order to use the template you have to install and use Advene from sources.

Annotation Data

  • The latest public releases of our annotation datasets based on the AdA vocabulary.
  • The metadata of news reports, documentaries and feature films on the topic of "financial crisis".
  • The turtle exports contain more than 92,000 fine-grained film-analytical annotations.
  • The annotation data can also be queried at our public SPARQL Endpoint.


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