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A virtual operating system framework for Ren'Py projects
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AliceOS logomark

An extensible, modern Ren'Py OS framework

About this project

AliceOS brings new features and experiences to any Ren'Py project. From giving users notifications to its extensibility with Applets, AliceOS makes any visual novel more exciting and enriching for its players and developers.

AliceOS is currently in a technical preview state, meaning that anything provided here is not fully ready for production. Future updates may change things in this release.

Basic features

  • Extensibility with Applets framework
  • Notfications and alert systems
  • Setup assistant to collect player name and agree to licenses
  • OEM branding settings
  • Much, much more

Building from source

To include AliceOS into your Ren'Py project, ensure that all of the source files are cloned into the game folder of the project.

Additional documentation can be found here:


AliceOS has been made possible by these fellows and many more:

  • @alicerunsonfedora
  • @sr229
  • @GanstaKingofSA
  • @abduelhamit
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