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AliceOS is a robust, evolving Ren'Py framework by Project Alice that adds an operating system-like experience to visual novel projects. AliceOS is easy to install, extendable, and is great for adding another layer of interactivity to your games.

Core principles

The core principles of AliceOS are:

  • Modular: AliceOS uses a new framework format, under the .aosframework format. These frameworks are placed in the System/Frameworks folder and are not heavily reliant on AppKit.aosframework. However, the definitions file that states the default directories and what-not must be included in the System folder (including fonts).
  • Apple-style APIs: AliceOS's APIs aim to be easy-to-use and familiar to developers that have worked with APIs for macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS.
  • Safely extensible: AliceOS includes support for extending itself with apps that are protected using appropriate, official APIs.
  • Easy-to-install: AliceOS installation is as easy as just copying the Ren'Py archive over to the game folder.

Build instructions

To build this project, clone the repository and in Ren'Py Launcher, click "Distribute" and select "AliceOS Base System Distributable". The resulting file will be in a ZIP archive with AliceOSBaseSystem.rpa.

Install instructions (to existing projects)

To install AliceOS directly without grabbing the source, download the ZIP archive from the release and copy AliceOSBaseSystem.rpa to your game folder.

Additional instructions can be found in the documentation.

Documentation build instructions

To generate the documentation site (requires MkDocs and Material for MkDocs):

mkdocs build -d docs


A robust, evolving Ren'Py framework that adds operating system-like features




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