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A museum AR experience and simulator, to accompany our blog post on AR experience.
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Museum AR

Building compelling AR experiences is tricky - it's a new form factor, with no design guidelines. We've written a blog post to share some of what we've learnt over the past two years, creating some of the most compelling and viral demos with AR.

This is a sample project to accompany the blog post "How to Build Really Compelling AR Experiences".

This repo allows you to test out and take inspiration from some of the ideas shared, around scaling content, orienting content appropriately, and re-creating artwork digitally, for a more comfortable AR experience.

PR for fixes and improvements. Fork for new concepts and ideas (please send them to us, I’d love to see -

This project comes with two modes:

  • MuseumARSim - Simulate being in a museum, with the painting virtually re-created in front of you.
  • MuseumARLive - Live camera mode, with support for artwork recognition (ARKit 1.5). You can switch out the artwork and content for your own. If you happen to be nearby the Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London, you can try this out for yourself, in person.


At Dent Reality, we’re building Indoor AR navigation for shopping malls, campuses and other large spaces. You can apply for Early Access on our website.

Follow me on Twitter, where I frequently tweet my thoughts on AR, and share AR demos of our work.

Available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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