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@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ Use ClickToBuild.bat to build. You will need to have the Azure SDK 1.5 installe
##Nuget Packages
+_Note that the additional Nuget packages for additional IoC support are not available yet_
If you don't use an IoC container in your application or you are happy to use Autofac, download the default Nuget package:
* ProjectExtensions.Azure.ServiceBus
@@ -119,6 +121,8 @@ Welcome to Azure Service Bus.
##Using Castle Windsor Instead of Autofac
+Unless otherwise noted, everything works as shown in the getting starting section above.
1. Install the Nuget packages ProjectExtensions.Azure.ServiceBus.Core and ProjectExtensions.Azure.ServiceBus.IOC.CastleWindsor instead of ProjectExtensions.Azure.ServiceBus
2. Use this initialization code at the beginning of your method or in your BootStrapper. You will need a couple of using declarations:
@@ -151,12 +155,8 @@ ProjectExtensions.Azure.ServiceBus.BusConfiguration.WithSettings()
-Everything else works as shown in the getting starting section above.
##Release Notes
-###Coming Soon
###Version 0.8.4
* Allow support for other IoC containers to be added. Continue to support Autofac.

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