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ProjectKorra Core

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ProjectKorra Core is the main plugin that all ProjectKorra side-plugins and abilities require to function. When installed on a server, the ProjectKorra plugin folder should contain the following:

  • A config.yml file, where all the ability configuration is held, meaning cooldowns, durations, etc.
  • A language.yml file, where all configuration regarding text and chat is held, meaning descriptions, branding, etc.
  • A presets.yml file, that allows server owners to easily pre-define presets to add to players on their server.
  • A projectkorra.db file, which basically holds user information, such as binds, presets, and cooldowns.
  • An Abilities folder, where you can place addon abilities to use them on your server.


ProjectKorra Core has 5 main elements/skills, which all have their own individual moves and passive abilities.

Every element also has its own sub-elements, whose individual pages can be found on each element's individual wiki page. Sub Elements are specialized skills that were exhibited in the show (i.e Bloodbending, Metalbending, etc) and they also have their own abilities.







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