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About ProjectKorra

ProjectKorra is an organization, established by MistPhizzle in June 2014, to continue maintaining a completely open source version of Orion304’s original Minecraft: The Last Airbender plugin for Bukkit. ProjectKorra’s purpose is to bring the Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra universe into Minecraft, giving player an opportunity to experience the show in a new light.


Here you can find information on how you can contribute to ProjectKorra. Although :ref:`joining the team <pkteam>` is the best way to contribute, below you can find information how to contribute as a community member!

Useful Links

  • Visit our Website, where you can find our forums, downloads, and the most recent community bulletin.
  • Join our Discord server! There you can get help from developers, post suggestions, and chat with community members!
  • Follow our Twitter for all the latest news!
  • Go to our GitHub to see all the latest developments and updates!
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