Materials for the MOSAIC "Teaching Statistics with R and RStudio"
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Project MOSAIC Little Books

You can grab PDFs of the Little Books here:

  • Start Teaching Statistics Using R [view] [download]

    This book presents instructors with an overview of our approach to teaching statistics with R and an introduction to our primary R toolkit.

  • A Student's Guide to R [view] [download]

    This book is organized by analysis method and demonstrates how to perform all of the statistical analyses typically covered in an Intro Stats course. It can serve a good reference for both students and faculty.

    This was formerly known as A Compendium of Commands to Teach Statistics With R but has been reworked to make it more student friendly.

  • Start R in Calculus [Amazon]

    This book describes the use of R in calculus based on the successful redesign of the first semester calculus course at Macalester College.

Others that are in progress include

  • Start Modeling with R