An awesome list for Mirador's projects and plugins.
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mirador-awesome Awesome

An awesome list for Mirador's projects and plugins.


Creating your own plugin? Label it with "mirador-plugins"

  • BSB Mirador Plugins - A repository of Mirador plugins maintained by the Bavarian State Library.
  • Mirador LDN Plugin - A experimental plugin for incorporating supplemental IIIF content into Mirador via Linked Data Notifications.
  • Mirador Disable Zoom - A Mirador plugin that allows users to disable (and re-enable) zoom controls per window.
  • Mirador Sync Windows - A Mirador plugin that allows users to mirror actions performed in one window in one or more other windows.
  • Mirador Share Workspace - A Mirador plugin that allows users to share workspaces across workstations.
  • Mirador Ruler - A Mirador plugin that allows users to overlay a configurable ruler on any window.
  • Mirador Jump-to-page - A Mirador plugin that allows users to select a page from a dropdown.

Mirador-Based Tools

  • IIIF Toolkit with Mirador - Embeds Mirador into Omeka Classic with a built-in annotator, a manifest generator and importer, Simple Pages shortcodes and Exhibit Builder blocks for a rich IIIF-compliant presentation experience.


  • mirador_rails - A Ruby gem useful for including Mirador into Ruby on Rails applications



Have a Mirador implementation? Label it with "mirador"

  • SCTA Mirador Instance - A Mirador instance dedicated to viewing manuscripts collected and curated by the Scholastic Commentaries and Texts Archive.
  • Archaeology of Reading - A Mirador instance for displaying and studying annotations in early printed books.
  • Harvard Art Museums A Mirador instance of random objects in the Harvard Art Museums collection.
  • Harvard Library Viewer - Mirador is the native viewer for page-turned objects in the Harvard Digital Repository System.
  • HarvardX CellXplorer and The Book: Histories Across Time and Space.
  • Hacking Mirador Workshop @ Harvard Introduce users to IIIF and Mirador and understand Mirador's capabilities.
  • Biblissima Portal - Mirador as an embedded viewer displaying digitized medieval manuscripts and early printed books (either a single item or a collection of items). Mirador as a configurable workspace that gives users the ability to save persistently and share their viewing environment through a permalink.
  • Biblissima Demos (use cases focused on manuscripts studies)
    • Grandes Chroniques de France - Châteauroux BM ms. 5 - A slightly customized Mirador instance displaying the virtual reconstruction of the original state of a damaged French medieval manuscript (illuminations cuttings).
    • Proto-BBMN 1713 - A Mirador instance showing a virtual reconstruction of the primitive state of the Bibliotheca bibliothecarum manuscriptorum nova (in 1713).
    • Codex Florus "dispersus" - A Mirador instance showing the virtual reconstruction of a dispersed manuscript of letters and sermons by Augustine (Paris, Geneva, St. Petersburg).
  • UCLA Digital Library: Flexible Workspace - A fork of Mirador that replaces the default window layout manager with a more flexible one, allowing for finer-grained positioning and resizing of windows, and for combining windows into groups that can be dragged as one.
  • vHMML - Mirador as an embedded viewer that provides access to The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library's (HMML) digital and microfilm collections.