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@mejackreed mejackreed released this Nov 9, 2020 · 19 commits to master since this release

This release represents years of effort by a large group of individuals. Thank you to everyone who has provided use cases, bug reports, translations, analysis, and features to make Mirador 3 what it is today. This project would not be possible without such a broad contributor base.

Notable new features in Mirador 3 includes:

  • Two distinct types of workspaces
  • IIIF Presentation v2 and v3 support including Audio/Video resources
  • Rich set of out-of-the-box configurations
  • Themable with included light and dark themes
  • Internationalized and available in 12 languages
  • Designed and built with an accessibility focus
  • Reduction in overall size by 60%
  • Robust plugin framework enables additional customization
  • Annotation creation support for W3C Web Annotations available in a plugin
  • Plugins ready available for use: image tools, download, share, and annotations

There is not an upgrade path for existing Mirador 2 users, but Mirador 3 offers enhanced customization options we think Mirador adopters will be happy with.

More information available in:

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@mejackreed mejackreed released this Oct 19, 2020 · 46 commits to master since this release


Aims to be the final release candidate before the final Mirador 3 release.


#3262 - Refactoring components to avoid pulling in manifesto canvas objects where possible
#3257 - Allow plugin components to be given as react elements
#3261 - IIIF authentication display tweaks
#3277 - Adds Lithuanian translation
#3291 - Updates manifesto to v4.2.0 fixing metadata display in multiple languages
#3288 - Enhanced apis for generating classnames and tearing down a Mirador instance
#3290, #3249 - updates to initialize a collection by default
#3283 - Remove css loader
#3264 - Basic audio and video support


#3260 - Don't autofocus the auth submit button
#3289 - Trust that we should fetch cookies or tokens over the ok-ness of item
#3266 - Support v3 style layers and targeted images

Thanks to everyone who contributed and reported issues!

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@mejackreed mejackreed released this Sep 17, 2020 · 85 commits to master since this release


Changes and new features

#3238 Allow target.source as a valid target
#3258 A large refactor of IIIF Auth for better flexibility and removing thunks
#3255 new issue templates

Fixes and cleanup

#3241 Fixes an issue where merge-recursively would cause problems

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@mejackreed mejackreed released this Jul 29, 2020 · 113 commits to master since this release


Changes and new features

#3222 Updates German translations
#3230 Adds layers panel to settings
#3026 Adds support for IIIF collections
#3232 Annotation enhancements needed to support multiple selectors and target sources
#3228 Enable plugins to provide their own configs that can get merged into config

Fixes and cleanup

#3219 Fixes a typo in auth handling
#3229 Fixes some accessibility issues
#3227 Remove unused plugin preprocessing

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@mejackreed mejackreed released this Jul 14, 2020 · 154 commits to master since this release


Changes and new features

#3174 - wrap annotation content
#3196 - better support of level0 thumbs
#3195 - update wrap plugins to support multiple per component
#3203 - allows plugins to pass options to redux connect
#3175 - only show annotations button if they exist
#3177 - add gallery view indication for annotations
#3207 - prefix jss for multiple instances on a page

Fixes and cleanup

#3173 - removes unused actions
#3172 - fixes drag and drop under safari
#3197 - replaces immutablejs with lodash
#3204 - deflake the integration tests
#3202 - guard against annotations without fragments
#3201 - restores the state as part of the default umd build
#3210 - fix info responses for v3 images
#3211 - guard against missing hits in a search api response
#3213 - removes react-hot-loader for react-refresh

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@mejackreed mejackreed released this Jul 1, 2020 · 198 commits to master since this release



#3171 Fixes a container wiring issue

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@mejackreed mejackreed released this Jul 1, 2020 · 202 commits to master since this release



#3158 Allows the plugin system to take an array of plugins
#3164 allow empty plugin sagas
#3163 keep track of new windows
#3156 allow window specific configs


#3169 Workspace scrolling re added
#3166, #3165 Fixes mutating state

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@cbeer cbeer released this Jun 22, 2020 · 240 commits to master since this release


Major breaking changes

  • State methods (like actions, reducers, etc) are no longer exported as part of the UMD build (#3148)
  • Replace resourceHeaders configuration with request pre- and post-processing configuration (#3082, #3096)

Other changes

We've added redux-sagas to help manage state side-effects and data loading. (#3063 and more)

  • Add a Serbian translation (#3077; h/t @DigitLib)
  • Improve annotation display and configuration (#3055, h/t @jbaiter, #3102)
  • Add the ability to hover and click on annotations on the canvas
  • IIIF Drag and Drop support
  • Visual tweaks
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Additional plugin hook areas for injecting application functionality
  • Filter out non-images content resources from hitting OpenSeadragon

Developer Experience

Upstream dependencies now require Nodejs 10+.

Hot loading

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@mejackreed mejackreed released this May 22, 2020 · 436 commits to master since this release


Breaking changes

#3048 Updates the way catalog is initiated. This helps us be more explicit about specifying resources that should be part of the catalog and will help enable collections support.

  id: 'mirador',
-  manifests: {
-    "": { provider: "National Gallery of Art"},
-    "": { provider: "Irish Architectural Archive"},
-  }
+  catalog: [
+    { manifestId: "", provider: "National Gallery of Art"},
+    { manifestId: "", provider: "Irish Architectural Archive"},
+  ]

## Updates
#3037 Provide a better error report when something bad happens
#3054 Placeholders
#3051 Display annotation tags
#3044 Update the way thumbnails are requested
#3033 Remove Downshift in favor of MUI autocomplete
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@mejackreed mejackreed released this May 18, 2020 · 470 commits to master since this release


#3039 Memoize annotation for perf improvement
#3036 Guard against null metadata values
#3021 Support continuous and top-to-bottom viewing
#3019 Convert toggle anno to button
#3030 Support manifest level behaviors
#3022 Arabic translations
#3018 enable dynamic companion windows
#3017 Update FR translations
#3005 Add the ability to render a custom CompanionWindow
#3014 Support SVGSelector for WebAnnotations
#3016 Update DE translations
#3007 improve developer experience
#3011 Adds a title to the Mirador icon
#3013 Only fetch info responses for image services
#3010 Only create a sidebar panel if a default is defined

Assets 2
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