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Mirador 3 - resources

Mirador 2

Welcome to the mirador wiki! Here you'll find any documentation you need to get up and running with Mirador. If you are a developer, you'll also find important resources for contributing to this exciting community project. If you have a specific question or request for documentation that doesn't seem to be covered here, please file an issue and some of our maintainers will answer it or integrate it into the documentation.

Table of Contents

For Integrators (You are using Mirador in a project)
For Contributors (You are submitting code to the IIIF/Mirador project)
Issues and Milestones

For Integrators

Getting Started
Configuration Guides
Configuring Annotations in Mirador
Complete Configuration API
Getting Help

For Contributors

Getting Started
Mirador Initialization
Events in Mirador
Annotation Layer
Developer Tooling and Workflow
Making a Pull Request
Getting Help
Discussing Features and Community News
Community Principles

How We Manage Issues and Milestones

Anyone from users to developers to implementors can file an issue. Broadly, there are three major kinds of issues:

Errors and Bugs

As with any piece of software, there will be bugs. Hopefully they are small, tame, and not very long-lived. Help shorten their lifespan by describing the error or bug in a reproducible way. Be sure to include the exact version of Mirador you are using, the browser make and version you are using, and the operating system on which it is running. Provide a short description of the bug that includes the context of what you were doing when it appeared, and then the problem as it arose in that context. If the bug is visible through the interface, provide a screenshot if possible.

Example: Coming soon.

Feature Requests

Feature requests are vetted through the IIIF-Discuss and Mirador-Tech mailing lists, and filing an issue is a good way to ensure your request is included in those discussions. Please provide a simple description of the usage context or "use case" of your proposed feature, and then describe how you believe the feature should work/look. Mockups or links to design references or user studies are always appreciated and will inform the discussion around your proposed feature.

If it seems like something that many people could benefit from but may not be integrated into the Mirador core, consider creating a plugin.

Requests for Documentation Changes or Clarification

If areas of the documentation are lacking or you believe you have a question or difficulty others might share, pose your question as an issue. Feel free to include any image references, links, or pointers to lines in the codebase necessary to explain your question.

Roadmap and Milestones

The current roadmap and milestones are kept up-to-date through the wiki and issue tracker. Committers tend to be notified of issues as soon as they appear, and review all issues at least weekly. The roadmap is continuously updated with input from the community through the IIIF-Discuss and Mirador-Tech mailing lists, as well as at a bi-weekly conference call with several partners interested in Mirador-related developments.

Mirador Demo and Live Instances

Mirador Instances

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