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RIngMUD Java MUD Server

RingMUD is an extensible MUD (multi-user dungeon) engine and utility toolset that draws inspiration from popular tabletop RPG systems and adds a dash or two of its own flavor.

It is written in Java and aims to be a complete MUD solution.

Super quick startup instructions:

  1. Download eXist 1.4 from http://exist.sourceforge.net
  2. Install exist to where ever you want. It has an easy graphical installer.
  3. Download and install Jython from http://www.jython.org.
  4. Build ringmud by running ant from this directory.
  5. cd dist/bin/
  6. Start up eXist by running server.sh in exist's bin directory.
    • You may need to use sudo depending on where you installed eXist.
  7. sudo ./ringmud.sh install unix (Windows support coming later)
  8. This will "install" ringmud's configuration file to /etc/ringmud, as well as create the database collections in eXist.
    • NOTE: Don't forget to copy your database login info to mud.config.
  9. Compile the ever so exciting sample mud:
    • Change the name of the sample mud in mud.properties so you have a unique name on Intermud 3.
    • ./rmc ../../sample/
    • You need to give it the directory of the sample MUD. In this case, the sample MUD is in the root git directory, which is two levels above dist/bin/
  10. Deploy the sample MUD:
    • sudo ./ringmud.sh deploy sample-1.0.mud
  11. Start the sample MUD: ./ringmud.sh server sample
  12. telnet to localhost at port 2312

This should get RingMUD running on localhost with a really crappy sample world.