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Neltharion 4.3.4

How to use the bugtracker?

Before reporting, please make sure that the problem has not already been reported by another player.

  • Use the search engine to find out if a similar problem has been already reported. If so, check if it's already been fixed and wait for update.
  • Make sure that what you report is actually a bug.
  • Enclose links to things related to the bug using or similar sites.
  • You can use screenshots to visually show the issue, it may help to better understand the problem.
  • Write your tickets according to the format:
  • [Quest][Azuremyst Isle] Red Snapper - Very Tasty!
  • [NPC] Magistrix Erona
  • [Spell][Mage] Fireball
  • [Npc][Drop] Ghostclaw Lynx
  • [Web] Armory doesnt work

Bugtracker: | Website:

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