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GiggleLiu and damiansteiger new square root X gate gate and square root Swap gate (#185)
New sqrt(X) and sqrt(Swap) gates and  fixed Tikz rendering for BasicMathGate and PhGate.
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Examples and Tutorials

This folder contains a collection of examples and tutorials for how to use ProjectQ. They offer a great way to get started. While this collection is growing, it will never be possible to cover everything. Therefore, we refer the readers to also have a look at:

  • Our complete code documentation which can be found online here. Besides the newest version of the documentation it also provides older versions. Moreover, these docs can be downloaded for offline usage.
  • Our unit tests. More than 99% of all lines of code are covered with various unit tests since the first release. Tests are really important to us. Therefore, if you are wondering how a specific feature can be used, have a look at the unit tests, where you can find plenty of examples. Finding the unit tests is very easy: E.g., the tests of the simulator implemented in ProjectQ/projectq/backends/_sim/_simulator.py can all be found in the same folder in the file ProjectQ/projectq/backends/_sim/_simulator_test.py.

Getting started / background information

It might be a good starting point to have a look at our paper which explains the goals of the ProjectQ framework and also gives a good overview:

  • Damian S. Steiger, Thomas Häner, and Matthias Troyer "ProjectQ: An Open Source Software Framework for Quantum Computing" [arxiv:1612.08091]

Examples and tutorials in this folder

  1. Some of the files in this folder are explained in the documentation.
  2. Take a look at the simulator_tutorial.ipynb for a detailed introduction to most of the features of our high performance quantum simulator.
  3. Running on the IBM QE chip is explained in more details in ibm_entangle.ipynb.
  4. A small tutorial on the compiler is available in compiler_tutorial.ipynb which explains how to compile to a specific gate set.