SkyFireONE is a full featured (FL/OSS) emulator for "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusades" expansion. --- View Readme for further information. ---The Public Database can be downloaded on our forum.
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SkyFireONE - SFO


SkyFireONE(aka SFO) is a MMORPG Framework based mostly on C++.
It is completely open source; current source now community supported.

SFO was derived from multiple sources(MangOS, Trinity, OregonCore,etc)     
the Massive Network Game Object Servers, and is based from 
the code of their projects with extensive changes over time 
to optimize, improve and cleanup the codebase at the same 
time as improving the ingame mechanics and functionality.

If you wish to contribute ideas or code please visit our site here or make a Pull Request in this repo.

  • Bug tracking will be done here, until new tracker is setup.
  • Trolling or off-topic comments will be deleted - stick to comment topics.
  • To submit non-blizzlike addition, post in patchform in correct area on forums.

Build Status

GA-Beacon (Testing)

Build Status

Build status

Dependency Status


Supported Client Version

TBC 2.4.3 Build 8606


SkyFireONE uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

Platform: Linux, Windows or Mac
Processor with SSE2 support
you will also need:

Required Platform
ACE (6.1.4) included for Windows
MySQL (5.6.36) Windows / Linux
CMake (3.8.1) Windows / Linux
OpenSSL (1.0.2L) Windows / Linux
GCC (4.7.2) Linux only
MS Visual Studio 15 (2017) Windows only


License: GPL 3.0
Read file COPYING

Authors & Contributors

Read file THANKS

For further informational links or communities.

  • Project SkyFire: - Our home project board. Database DownLoad .
  • TrinityCore: - Another Emulation project board, one we are ascended from.
  • MaNGOS: - MaNGOS project was where all our source derived from (origins).
  • OregonCore: - OC is another TBC emulation project community board.
  • RibonCore: - RC board is no longer in service, but can be found on githubs project pages.


  • Write MORE ToDos
  • Add more Tests.

Free Software, Hell Yeah!