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The Cardinal Rules of Project Sunday

  1. If you are at Project Sunday, you must work on a project.
  2. If you do not have a project to work on, you must work on someone eles's project.
  3. If you don't have the skills to work on someone's project, someone will work with you to get those skills.

Project Sunday Spotlight:

Projects that started at Project Sunday:

  1. Sharibble - Anonymous image sharing chat made in Meteor
  2. Local Learners - Extension of for educational groups - made in Angular/React
  3. UGUI - Framework for NW.js to make crossplatform desktop apps in minutes
  4. Indy Brewery Map - Interactive map made with Knockout
  5. - Dan's portfolio page made with Bootstrap
  6. Scout-App 2 - A cross platform GUI for compiling Sass, made with UGUI
  7. Scout-App Website

Projects being worked on:

  1. Kitten Shrink Ray - A GUI combining a multitude of image compression algorithms
  2. Sans Pantelones - Sharibble 2, designed to scale
  3. UGUI Website

Edit this to add your projects. Actual projects, not just tutorials you've completed.