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Projet Pensées Profondes

LEGACY PROJECT - you should have a look at

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  1. PPP-QuestionParsing-Grammatical PPP-QuestionParsing-Grammatical Public

    Question Parsing module for the PPP using a grammatical approch

    Python 33 11

  2. Documentation Documentation Public

    Documentation and protocol specification of the Projet Pensées Profondes

    7 1

  3. WikibaseEntityStore WikibaseEntityStore Public

    NOT SUPPORTED ANYMORE - persistant storage for Wikibase entities

    PHP 7 4

  4. Papers Papers Public

    Administrative documents and potential papers

    TeX 6 2

  5. PPP-Core PPP-Core Public

    Core/router of the PPP framework

    Python 6 3

  6. PPP-Wikidata PPP-Wikidata Public

    Wikidata module for the PPP

    PHP 4 3


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