Solar water heating managemant via Raspberry PI 3
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:#/ Lurch

Solar water heating managemant via Raspberry PI 3

How To Use Lurch

Lurch is almost ready for use out-of-the-box. To use it simply wire the hardware, install the required libraries and then start the Flask webserver.

  1. Wire the hardware (instruction below)
  2. Install required library with this commands:
    sudo pip3 install w1thermsensor
    sudo pip3 install flask
  3. Download & Unzip the source code in a folder
  4. Open the folder in a terminal
  5. Start the Flask webserver with this commands:
    sudo flask run
  6. Open a browser at
  7. Enjoy Lurch!

Hardware requirements

  • Raspberry PI 3
  • Temperature sensor DS18B20
  • Single 5V Rele module jqc-3ff
  • Heating Element 220V 1500W

Hardware scheme

EDA Scheme

  • PIN 1 -> 3.3v VCC DS18B20
  • PIN 2 -> 5v VCC SRD-05VDC-SL-C
  • PIN 6 -> GND DS18B20 + GND SRD-05VDC-SL-C
  • PIN 7 -> LN DS18B20
  • PIN 40 -> LN1 SRD-05VDC-SL-C

Software requirements

  • Click==7.0
  • Flask==1.0.2
  • itsdangerous==0.24
  • Jinja2==2.10
  • MarkupSafe==1.0
  • pkg-resources==0.0.0
  • w1thermsensor==1.1.2
  • Werkzeug==0.14.1


Powered by :#/promezio. Released under GPL 3.0 license.