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- gmake
- pthreads
- libao
- gnutls
- libfaad2 and/or libmad
- UTF-8 console/locale
If you have all of the dependencies listed above just type
gmake clean && gmake
You can run the client directly from the source directory now
Or install it by issuing
gmake install
Selecting features
It is possible to disable certain features when building pianobar by setting
one of the variables listed below. In fact it is required if you don’t have the
corresponding library installed. So if you don’t want AAC playback or don’t
have libfaad installed for example, run
instead of a plain `gmake`.
Disables AAC playback.
Disables MP3 playback.
Mac OS X
NOTE: The above won't work on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) since c99 targets i386
and cc (gcc4.2) targets x86_64. If you've built supporting libraries
(libao, etc.) using gcc, you'll be unable to link. You can work around
this issue by overriding CFLAGS[1]
make clean && make CFLAGS="-O2 -DNDEBUG -W64"
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