WardrobeMd5Calc generates incorrect MD5 hashes #1

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Skee commented Oct 16, 2009

WardrobeMd5Calc in libwardrobe/src/md5.c generates incorrect md5 hashes. Thus, scrobbling doesn't work.


Fixed, see commit 2d4b266

@jmesmon jmesmon pushed a commit to jmesmon/pianobar that referenced this issue Feb 28, 2012
@robertkrimen robertkrimen Include the BarDownloadWrite operation in BarPlayerMp3Cb
.mp3 files were being initialized but not written to. This fixes bug #1
@jcmuller jcmuller referenced this issue in jcmuller/pianobar May 7, 2012
@telemachus telemachus Update discount to 1.6.6
From [discount's website][1.6.6]:

  * version 1.6.6 repairs two defects, one in the markdown compiler and one in

    1. In `theme`, I needed to take into account the source filename
       might not have an extension when I'm making the `.html` filename.
       The old behavior was to look for a dot and put the `.html` after
       that, but _I didn't check to see if there was actually a dot there_
       before appending the `.html`!

       This did not work out too well if there was no dot.

    2. In the markdown parser, I wasn't handling escapes of the
       open square bracket inside a `[]()` construct.
       So a link like
	   [foo\[and\]bar](does not work properly!)
       would not parse because
       my square bracket matcher would look for an additional `]`
       to match the `\[` inside the `[]` part.

[1.6.6]: http://www.pell.portland.or.us/~orc/Code/discount/#1.6.6

Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <flangy@gmail.com>
@jcmuller jcmuller pushed a commit to jcmuller/pianobar that referenced this issue May 7, 2012
Austin Seipp LuaJIT beta8 hotfix #1
Signed-off-by: Adam Vandenberg <flangy@gmail.com>
@jmesmon jmesmon added a commit to jmesmon/pianobar that referenced this issue Feb 15, 2014
@jmesmon jmesmon format string fixes #1 5f27962
This issue was closed.
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