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Feature request: stop (or pause) after a song #302

ivotron opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I'd be nice to have the ability to stop (or pause) after a song finishes. Sometimes I pause and by the time I get back, pandora's timeout is reached so pianobar has to reconnect. This is fine but since I use eventcmd, which scrobbles at the end of a song, the song doesn't get scrobbled.

Also, on a more ethical/maniac front, I feel I'm being disrespectful to the gods of music by shutting a song in the middle of it.


With regards to pausing in the middle of a song, I was wondering if it would be possible to continue buffering until the end of the currently-playing song, but stop outputting audio. When the user resumes, play the remainder of the song, then re-authenticate with Pandora if the connection has expired.

This would eliminate the problem of a song abruptly cutting off after resuming from a lengthy pause.

What do you think?


~ T

PS - running pianobar on a Beaglebone w/ Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Most awesome!

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