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Refresh station list #358

jacroe opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Would there be a way to trigger usergetstations to be able to update an external station list without restarting pianobar?

@jacroe jacroe referenced this issue in jacroe/pidora

stationList not updating until restart #10


If I have pianobar running while I create a new Pandora station, I'm unable to play my new station until I restart pianobar. And I would like to be able to refresh it without shutting it down and having to re-login again.


The use case isn't all that rare. Anyone who uses pandora on two+ machines will run into issues of one not being synced to the other. This could be as simple as a family sharing an account. In my case, I leave pianobar running on a headless client at work. I pause when I go to lunch, and in the meanwhile I switch over to my phone and create a station. When I get back, and unpause, it would be nice to be able to switch to that station without having to restart pianobar.


@jacroe I'm guessing this is for your remote control (?), as you might know I'm working on a similar project and worked around it by repopulating the station list using the event command file on create/delete station (and using the "e" command which I'm not using for anything else to repopulate it on genre create station because of a bug in older versions of pianobar). The eventcommand file I'm using is here:

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