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Internal vs. headphone jack audio switching - OS X #36

Roach opened this Issue Aug 20, 2010 · 7 comments

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Roach commented Aug 20, 2010

Initiating pianobar while using the macbook's built in speakers, then plugging headphones into or unplugging from the headphone jack results in complete loss of sound from pianobar. The app needs to be restarted to restore sound.

I'm more than willing to provide more info, but I'm not sure what info would be needed to diagnose this. This is a consistent issue and can be replicated on my system 100% of the time.

jmesmon commented Aug 20, 2010

As reported in the comment in issue #35, this is probably a libao issue.


Like jmesmon said, this is very likely an libao bug. Please file a bug report at the bug tracker mentioned in #35. Thanks.

Roach commented Aug 20, 2010

Noted, thank you!

Roach commented Aug 20, 2010

Submitted a ticket for libao:

rk commented Dec 16, 2010

Apparently LibAO will have a new release very soon that fixes this issue. (Announced 13 days ago.) Hopefully you'll have a new version out soon--I love pianobar!



Apologies for poking an old bear, but I wanted to confirm that lastest rev of libao fixes this for me.

Roach commented Jul 17, 2011


This issue was closed.
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