Fix "Network error: TLS read failed." #336

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@pvstodghill's patch in issue #321 ( fixes "Network error: TLS read failed." at login, at least on my Linux system, and was verified for Mac OS X in the issue thread as well.

All I have done is committed the patch.

@prattmic prattmic Apply @pvstodghill's patch from Issue #321
Fixes TLS read errors when attempting to get high quality audio.

PromyLOPh commented Dec 30, 2012

  1. I’m the author of the initial patch.
  2. There’s a reason I have not commited it yet, see
    (tl;dr: I blame Pandora.)

@PromyLOPh I'm not sure I understand your reason for not committing it. Sounds like Pandora you're saying Pandora is violating the TLS spec. But it doesn't seem like there is anything Pianobar can do about that, other than ignore it, which AFAICT is what your patch (or the updated version here) does.

Ignoring the spec violation does have the virtue of making Pianobar work with hifi audio.


PromyLOPh commented Feb 14, 2013

Yeah, it’s basically a question how much “bug-compatibility” we can/want
to accept.

If Pandora was sending broken HTTP or something like that: Fine, we can
code around that. But TLS and crypto stuff in general is a different
thing imo. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing you shouldn’t
mess with it. I’m not an expert and have to rely on the expert’s
judgement (libraries return codes in this case). And they say it’s an

On the other hand working hifi support is desireable of course.

I just wanted to note that I as of last week I was getting the TLS read error again. I just merged @prattmic 's master branch, rebuilt, and pianobar is working again for me.
I'm on osx 10.8.3 using high audio quality setting.

Thank you @prattmic


PromyLOPh commented May 19, 2013

See commit ea4324b

PromyLOPh closed this May 19, 2013

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