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From GitHub
Download and install Proof General from GitHub:
git clone ~/.emacs.d/lisp/PG
make -C ~/.emacs.d/lisp/PG
Then add the following to your .emacs:
;; Open .v files with Proof General's Coq mode
(require 'proof-site "~/.emacs.d/lisp/PG/generic/proof-site")
This should be enough. Instructions for previous releases are below.
Short Instructions for installing Proof General (details below)
Proof General runs on a variety of platforms and with a variety of
Emacs versions; see COMPATIBILITY for further notes.
To install, unpack the distribution somewhere. It will create a
top-level directory containing Proof General, called
Proof-General-<something>. Put this line in your .emacs file:
(load-file "<proofgeneral-home>/generic/proof-site.el")
Where <proofgeneral-home> is replaced by the full path name to
Proof-General-<something>. If you prefer not to edit .emacs,
you can use the script in bin/proofgeneral to launch Emacs with
Proof General loaded.
The command above will set the Emacs load path and add auto-loads for
proof assistants, for example, visiting a file ending in .v will start
Coq Proof General, and a file ending in .thy will start
Isabelle Proof General. See the manual for a full list of file
extensions and proof assistants, and the note below for how to disable
those you don't need.
In case of difficulty, please check the documentation in doc/, the
notes below, the README file for each prover, and the file BUGS.
If none of these files help, then contact me via the address below.
David Aspinall,
LFCS, School Of Informatics,
University of Edinburgh.
Detailed installation Notes for Proof General
Supported Emacs Versions.
If you're not sure of your version of Emacs, inspect the variable
`emacs-version' by doing:
C-h C-v emacs-version RET
Other *recent* versions of either Emacs may also work, but please do
not send bug reports for any version of Emacs which is more than a
year older than the most recent stable release of that Emacs, unless
you are reasonably sure that the bug has something to do with
Proof General rather than Emacs. Unfortunately, compatibility across
different Emacs versions is very difficult to maintain as APIs change
frequently and bugs come and go between Emacs releases.
Byte Compilation.
Compilation of the Emacs lisp files improves efficiency but can
sometimes cause compatibility problems. In particular, byte compiled
files are generally not compatible between different Emacs versions.
We distribute .elcs for GNU Emacs 23.1, so you will have to delete
them and (optionally) recompile for GNU Emacs 22.
Use 'make clean' to remove all .elc files.
Use 'make compile' to recompile .elc files.
Check that the Makefile sets EMACS to your Emacs executable, or
run 'make <target> EMACS=/path/to/your/emacs'
Dependency on Other Emacs Packages
Proof General relies on several other Emacs packages, which are
probably already supplied with your version of Emacs. If not, you
will need to find them. These are the packages that you need to use
Proof General:
* cl
* custom
* font-lock
* outline
* imenu
* speedbar
Included scripts
There are some included scripts which have hardwired paths.
To try to edit these automatically to point to the right
place, run
make scripts
Site-wide Installation
If you are installing Proof General site-wide, you can put the
components in the standard directories of the filesystem if you
prefer, providing the variables in proof-site.el are adjusted
accordingly. Make sure that the generic and assistant-specific elisp
files are kept in subdirectories of `proof-home-directory' so that the
autoload directory calculations are correct.
To save every user needing the line in their .emacs file, you can put
that into a site-wide file like default.el, or using an automatically
loaded file stored under site-start.d, if your distribution provides
The provided Makefile will install everything in default locations:
make install
Will copy elisp, compiled elisp, documentation, and the "proofgeneral"
shell script into perhaps sensible places. Try with "-n" or examine
the Makefile carefully before use.
Removing support for unwanted provers
You cannot run more than one instance of Proof General at a time in
the same Emacs process: e.g. if you're using Coq, you won't be able to
run LEGO scripts.
If there are some assistants supported that you never want to use, you
can remove them from the variable `proof-assistants' to prevent Proof
General autoloading for files with particular extensions. This may be
useful if you want to use other modes for those files, for example,
you may want sml-mode for .ML files or Verilog mode for .v files.
The easiest way to do this (and other customization of Proof General)
is via the Customize mechanism, see the menu:
Options -> Customize -> Emacs -> External -> Proof General
or, after loading Proof General, in a proof script buffer
Proof-General -> Customize
You may need extra customization depending on the proof assistant (for
example, the name of the proof assistant binary). See the menu
Proof-General -> Customize -> <Name of Assistant>
and the manual for more details.