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A Code Page 437/ASCII tileset for POWDER.
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Terminal Blues: A POWDER Tileset in CP437


The Hacklike reimagined in a deep blue terminal aesthetic. Featuring:

  • Terrain, monsters and items are entirely within Code Page 437 (/Extended ASCII/ANSI/etc.)^1
  • (??? Heresy) Spell icons completely in 14px pixel-art
  • Custom fonts: A very red Brass, plus two new fonts: Blightbulb and Eclipse!
  • Questionable colourblind support


Latest release: 1.1.0 (2020-01-17)

Master: Tileset is contained within export folder.

Terminal Blues comes with a few variants:

  • blues: The regular Terminal Blues experience.
  • true_blues: The three Guardians of the True Blue, who attempt to aid those with colour deficiencies.
    • protea: The guardian of the long cones, now available for testing.
    • deutzia: The guardian of the medium cones, extremely in need of testing.
    • tridude: The guardian of the short cones, patiently awaiting rare testers.

Windows, Linux, Mac:

  • Move the .bmps in the desired variant to the gfx/ subdirectory of your POWDER installation. The .bmp files should be directly in gfx/, not in a subdirectory thereof.
  • Optional features: Override in gfx/ to apply.
    • equipment: Will display worn equipment on the @ tile.
    • extra_alphabets (Extra download): Rename desired alphabets to one of the regular alphabet names and override.
  • Within POWDER, go to Options > Tiles > From Disk.
  • To change the font, head to Options > Fonts.

Nintendo DS:

  • Same instructions as above, to the DATA/POWDER/gfx/ directory on the root of your flash cartridge.
  • On startup it should report detecting the tileset, and a new menu option should show up.

Gameboy Advance: From Jeff Lait,

The splicebmp program was used to patch a POWDER ROM with these tiles. It is no longer supported. GBA users that want a new tileset need to recompile from scratch.

Other Versions: You'll need to compile the game with this tileset included.



Under Siege (Blightbulb font)


The Big B (Extra Minecraft font)


Mass Mage (Spelling Reformed)


rEkkkT? (Eclipse font)


Palettes (from left): Blues v1.1b6, Protea v0.07, Deutzia v0.02, Tritoma v0.02


Spelling Reform: Spells


Full Changelog



Tile List


Whether for feedback or for a simple Internet hug, these are the available methods of arcane communication:


  • The Terminal Blues tileset is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.
  • Base fonts (alphabets):
    • brass and classic were derived by Markus Maier from the window's (sic) console font, licensed under CC-BY 3.0.
    • shadow was created by Markus Maier, licensed under CC-BY 3.0.
    • light and heavy were created by PropFeds, and are unlicensed.
  • Extra fonts (alphabets): Credit goes to their respective designers.
    • cheepicus was created by Cheepicus.
    • ibm_cga_thin was created by IBM.
    • minecraft was created by JD Graphics.
    • msx was derived by Zaratustra from the MSX computers.
    • textmachine_handwriting was created by Polyducks, licensed under CSL. Link
  • Scripts:
    • table_persistence was created by Gerhard Roethlin, licensed under MIT.
    • Every other script is unlicensed.


[^1]: Though some items have custom textures for ease of identification.

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