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Empowers Laravel's cache with keywords behavior
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Laravel Cache Keywords

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Empowers Laravel's Cache with keywords behavior. Keywords differ from Laravel's built-in tags implementation in the following aspects:

  • Cache records can be fetched without previously set keywords.

  • All cache records marked with a keyword can be flushed at once, even though being marked by other keywords as well.

  • Keywords work for all cache drivers.


  1. Install the package using composer

    composer require propaganistas/laravel-cache-keywords ~1.0
  2. In your app config, add the Service Provider to the end of the $providers array

    Laravel 5

    'providers' => [


The provided commands are analogous to tags(). Define keywords on cache write queries using the keywords() method fluently. Provide an array of keywords or pass each keyword as a separate argument:

Cache::keywords('keyword1', 'keyword2')->put('key1', 'value1', $minutes);
Cache::keywords(['keyword2', 'keyword3'])->put('key2', 'value2', $minutes);

By default keywords are overwritten each time a cache record is updated. If you want to add the keywords to an existing set, call mergeKeywords() instead of keywords():

Cache::mergeKeywords('addedKeyword1', 'addedKeyword2')->put('key1', 'updatedValue1', $minutes);
Cache::mergeKeywords(['addedKeyword1', 'addedKeyword2'])->put('key2', 'updatedValue2', $minutes);

Get a cache record easily without specifying its bound keywords:


Flush all records marked with a specific (set of) keyword(s) using the flush() command:

Cache::keywords('keyword2')->flush(); // 'key1' and 'key2' are both flushed.
Cache::keywords(['keyword1', 'keyword3'])->flush(); // 'key1' and 'key2' are both flushed.


This package features a slightly modified version of Laravel's built-in Illuminate\Cache\CacheManager class and injects it into the IoC container. If you are using a custom CacheManager of your own, please override its repository() method to use this package's Repository class.

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