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Universal 2D engine with an integrated custom programming language written in C#

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Poly Engine is a universal 2D engine with an integrated custom programming language, entirely written in C# using the .NET framework.

The engine offers a range of built-in tools, including its own custom-built visual scripting editor, a unique interpreted programming language, a pixel-level drawing editor, an animation editor featuring various easing options, an 8-bit audio editor, efficient multi-scene management, and more. Users can bring their creative ideas to life by either constructing logical node-branches in the integrated visual scripting editor or by writing code directly in the source code. Poly Engine was primarily built as an accessible and enjoyable introduction to computer mathematics and algorithms. Users can also transform projects into standalone executable programs, ensuring accessibility for Windows operating system users.

More about the engine in Wiki.
Written by Matej Vanco, 2016-2021.


Projects made with Poly Engine

This is a list of games that are potentially playable, all of which were created entirely using Poly Engine.
Poly Engine could be a useful tool for developers participating in various game jams, as the engine offers quick and straightforward solutions.