Don't reduce a product's inventory for renewal orders processed by WooCommerce Subscriptions.
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WooCommerce Subscriptions - Do Not Reduce Stock on Renewal

Using WooCommerce Subscriptions? Want to reduce stock for only the initial purchase of subscription products?

Install and activate this plugin.

By default, WooCommerce reduces stock for any order containing a product. This means stock will be reduced for both the initial purchase of a subscription product and all renewal orders. This extension stops stock being reduced for renewal orders.

Note: this plugin was originally made available via a Gist. It's been moved into this repository because of the discussion and popularity of that gist.


This plugin requires WooCommerce 2.4 or newer. It will work with any version of Subscriptions, even v1.5, but please update to Subscriptions 2.0 or newer. 🙏


To install:

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin here
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload administration screen on your WordPress site
  3. Select the ZIP file you just downloaded
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Click Activate

Reporting Issues

If you find an problem or would like to request this plugin be extended, please open a new Issue.